Audrey Magazine – Seoul Fashion Week Highlights

Seoul Fashion Week Highlights S/S 2015 Runway – Min A. Lee for Audrey Magazine

We’ve brought you some of our favorite street styles from the models and attendees of Seoul Fashion Week, but the runway has produced some stunning designs from on-trend contemporary looks to avant-garde cuts made to inspire the next generation of fashion designers that come out of Korea.

Main themes of spring and summer 2015 for Korea have taken form in monochromatic gradients with splashes of color, visual and textural floral patterns and sheer fabrics. Some trends continue from this past summer and current fall with leather biker jackets and slit hem skirts, but are reimagined by the individual designers.  We find contemporary fashion is still gravitating towards loose, boxy cuts, but mixed with fitted options for those who always feel drawn to classic, natural waistlines.  The sheer fabrics offer opportunities to layer up or stay cool when spring makes a warm turn for summer.

Below are some more covet-worthy looks from Seoul Fashion Week. – See more at:


Feature Image BAKANGCHI and Image CARNET DU STYLE courtesy of Audrey Magazine



Audrey Magazine – MBFW Tokyo: Hanae Mori

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo Recap: Hanae Mori – Min A. Lee for Audrey Magazine

Designer Yu Amatsu combines contemporary womenswear silhouettes with the raw elegance of nature in a dual showing of the Hanae Mori by Yu Amatsu S/S 2015 collection as well as the New Hanae Mori Style special event that took place yesterday. With awards and praise for avant garde styles and pattern skills that have landed him work for major New York brands, Amatsu maintains a deep regard for Mori’s signature inspiration, the butterfly, as he works to uphold the iconic designer’s brand.

For those who are new to fashion or currently developing interests in the industry, Hanae Mori is highly honored in Japan for her career that began in the early 1950s and the awards and honors she gained during her designing years.

It is not easy to be given the reins of design as a sub-brand under the respected fashion house, but in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily regarding Amatsu’s work, Mori only had praise as she explained why Amatsu was brought in. “He’s someone who makes very simple, New York-style, wearable clothes, and he also likes butterflies,” she said. “We had been looking for a young designer, and it was very important that he had experience in New York.”

Below are a few of the designs that were shown yesterday from both shows during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo events. First, flowing fabrics of whites and blues with contemporary style folds and pleating, along with open lace details and looser cuts for Manhattan springs and summers seem ideal to what Mori was speaking of. Secondly, the special event that left viewers stunned at the beauty of Mori’s favorite insect, which was printed into a modern collection of dresses, gowns and separates. – See more at:


Images Courtesy Of Audrey Magazine

Audrey Magazine – MBFW Tokyo: Noir FR

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo Recap: Noir FR – Min A. Lee for Audrey Magazine

Ah yes, the dark side of spring. While we enjoy seeing the lighter and bolder color palettes Fashion Week Tokyo has to offer, Noir Fr’s designer, Syota Masuda, refuses to leave the blacks and metallics of fall and winter behind. The namesake of the collection explains why such somber tones are used: Noir Frere is French for brothers of black (the base for the designs). Masuda initially studied to be a fashion buyer, but found himself taking the leap to become a designer and produce garments that he felt the market lacked.

Don’t let the darkness hinder you from adding some black into your spring and summer rotation. For the warm temperatures Noir Fr has dresses of flowing, sheer fabrics with cutouts and skirts to pair with metallic paneled tops. On those inbetween days of seasonal transition, check out the iridescent trench coat of bronze and blue or the long-line, minimalist moto collar jacket. With both a men’s and women’s line, Masuda’s designs tackle all the on-going, evolving trends from pro sport textiles to edgy rocker styles with modified elements befitting to his vision. Below are some of Masuda’s Noir Fr S/S 2015 line from Day Three of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. – See more at:


Images Courtesy Of Audrey Magazine Via MBFW Tokyo

Fashion Writing – Catherine Litke

The Perfect Options For Those Summer Days & Nights!  Clothes That Make You Feel Lovely By Designer Catherine Litke – Min A. Lee (Print Magazine)

Litke provides the perfect designs for those summer date nights—think late night movies in the park, summer concerts, picnics on the waterfront, and of course our favorite, margaritas on a patio bar.  While we do adores the more hardened, dark designs of fall and winter sometimes a little bit of girlish charm goes a long way.  Classic, midi-length skirts are paired with vibrant tops, but the soft patterns and feminine trims prevent designs from feeling over-the-top.

Instead of a consistent color scheme, Litke makes great use of all the hues life has to offer.  From pale blues and beiges to statement plaids of various reds, greens and yellows, they give women the option to spice up their outfits even if they opt for a simple cream and ruffled top.  With a doll-like presentation, some of our favorites were the ivory dresses cut to interesting, unorthodox shapes.  It is truly like finding the perfect summer dress without getting fashion boredom.

Even better, Litke’s brand statement explains that her collections are created from “sustainable materials sourced from around the world.”  Not only will you feel quite lovely in her clothing, but you also can feel the impeccable textiles she picks for her lines.  So when the temperatures warm up and you are ready to enjoy those summer afternoons and evenings make sure you consider adding a bit of Catherine Litke’s work to your closet.

Audrey Magazine – Fashion For A Cause: LiNK

Fashion For A Cause: Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) – Min A. Lee

We’ve been bringing you on-going news regarding the cancellation of The Interview theater showings under the pressure of recent hacker attacks and the uproar it’s causing, but looking deeper into the terrifying realities of North Korea, one organization strives to aid North Korean refugees on the extremely hard and secret journey to freedom.  Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) takes on the complex, sensitive subject of non-existent human rights for North Koreans by educating others on the history and the underground movements of the country.  So much is shrouded in secrecy, but with changing technology and advocacy, there is a growing fight for a better life for the people under the current dictatorship.

LiNK created this page to help others more clearly understand the challenges and history of North Koreans. Many things that we may take for granted, such as freedom of speech and information, is not available to citizens under the dictatorship. In fact, they face constant famines, lack of public health systems, and even public executions and exploitation. It is a very emotional read, but examining hard truths always is.

What exactly does the LiNK organization do?

“We rescue refugees without cost or condition and ensure their safety and dignity on their journey to freedom…while hiding in China their illegal status forces them to work in invisible industries and leaves them vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous employers and sex traffickers, as they have no recourse to any authorities.  Although many refugees try to escape many do not have the resources or connections to get themselves out of China.  That’s where we come in.” —via

Below is the breakdown of the $3000 cost of a rescue and resettlement by LiNK, which can also be found here.


So what can we do and how does this tie into fashion right? Outside of the traditional donation methods, LiNK has their own shop full of statement making t-shirts.  We already know graphic tops and jackets are favorite trends each season in Asia, but you can own or gift eye-catching tees that carry a more meaningful purpose.  We talk about conversation starters in fashion continuously, but these could create a conversation that educates and can ultimately aid in the rescue process of a North Korean refugee.

LiNK’s graphic designers have created a variety of designs from simple text to pop art styles and with all proceeds funding LiNK’s work and mission. Below are some of their holiday shop designs with prices ranging from $10 to $40.  Also, if you explore their shop you’ll find more than just tops: there’s coffee, canvas prints and even phone covers all made for a great cause.  If you interested more about the traditional donation process click here.

While we settle in with our families for this Christmas holiday, we keep the lives of others nestled deeply within our hearts as well. – See more at:

Images Courtesy Of Audrey Magazine Via LiNK

Audrey Magazine – VFW Designers

Vancouver Fashion Week Features Indie Asian Designers – Min A. Lee

After sharing with you a bit about Vancouver Fashion Week’s founder Jamal Abdourahman last week, we picked out a few emerging and independent Asian designers featured during Vancouver Fashion Week’s most recent fall 2015 event.  From gothic influences to feminine day dresses, there’s something to inspire and impress any fashion enthusiast.  Get to know a little about each designer below and keep an eye out for them as they continue to build their lines for the coming seasons.

Thinking back on her time spent in Europe, designer Theresa Chen created clean, tailored pieces with elegant shapes.  She refers to her line as “simplicity chic” as she continues to produce clothes that fashion bloggers are picking up on very quickly and falling in love with.  Take a peek at some of her fall collection, and you’ll see why we expect to hear her name come up more often in the near future.


Grandi’s Atelier isn’t about fast fashion, it’s about creating beautifully tailored custom garments for individuals.  Designer Grandy takes her analytical nature and translates it into creating quality pieces fitted perfectly to the wearer.  Even on the runway, her fall 2015 collection looked cut for each individual model versus a mass production meant to fit a general body type.


JY Kim tackles both menswear and womenswear together on the runway.  Keeping to a dark, wintry palette, designs varied between fitted shirts and jackets and flowing skirts.  A minimal theme was kept throughout the entire collection, creating simple silhouettes that would be easy to work into your fall street styles. – See more designers and imagery at:

Images And JY KIM Feature Image Courtesy Of Via VFW & Designers



Writing & Design – Chanel Yang

Introduction From An Exclusive Interview With Chanel Yang – Print Magazine – Min A. Lee

When I wake up in the morning my first thought is “must…have…coffee, and why does this brewer take so long!”  Over the past month it changed.  I found myself waking up with more determination and motivation after being inspired by one very young girl, but to me she is quite an amazing woman despite her young years.  Chanel Yang, a children’s fashion model, was diagnosed with Alpha Thalassemia with Constant Springs (a severe form of anemia) at just nine months old.

Chanel’s mother, Zong, shared a bit about the condition: “In the first 2 years after she was diagnosed Chanel received over 24 blood transfusions.  She currently receives regular transfusions every 4-6 weeks and is also undergoing chelation, a 48 hour port IV access process to rid the extra iron that comes from the transfusions.  Because she is taking her treatment well, the Bone Marrow Transplant (the only cure) is put on hold.”

Despite the severe nature of the disorder and the constant hospital trips, Chanel fights for her dreams of a modeling career.  She has a fierce runway walk that is well practiced, graced several magazines and is constantly researching and learning her way around the fashion industry.  Her perseverance, along with the support of her family, friends and fans, definitely is something we can all learn from.

No obstacle should deter us from reaching beyond the stars.  I only hope her story will inspire others to face challenges that arise with the same fervor.  As I watch her continued success, I’m starting to believe any goals considered quixotic aren’t really so, and that everything is achievable.

For more about Chanel Yang visit her at: &

Composure Magazine – St. Patrick’s Day Style

Fashion Writing + Layout Design—Read the full article here at Composure Magazine as well as more fashion, beauty and celebrity articles!

Images From Composure Magazine ( Via Designers And Brands

Audrey Magazine – BeautyBook

Article On Sammie Lee’s BeautyBook Written For

This Is For The Makeup & Skincare Lovers: BeautyBook By Sammie Lee – Min A. Lee

This is for all the makeup and skincare enthusiasts, a crowdsourcing platform with fresh content shared by the minute in a rapidly growing community that is easy to join and follow.  From contouring applications, product hauls with reviews to skincare questions, BeautyBook has brought together thousands of people in a positive and information packed hub.  For founder Sammie Lee, what initially began as a growing interest in cosmetology and freelance hobby has blossomed into a full-time endeavor.

While crowdsourcing platforms aren’t a new trend, popular fashion and street style sites like and Chictopia are the first that come to mind.  That is why we are excited to bring Audrey readers an interview with Lee, and how she has built one of the most interactive beauty groups we have encountered.  From beginning inspirations to the new BeautyBook mobile app, scroll down to read more about her developing entrepreneurship.

Audrey Magazine: When you were first creating BeautyBook, where did you draw inspiration from and did you think it would gain the success it has as a crowdsourcing platform?

Sammie Lee: My inspiration was mainly from all my friends and family.  They always came to me for beauty advice, such as product recommendations, beauty tips, and makeup techniques, so I wanted to create a platform where my friends and family can get together and talk about anything beauty related.  I never thought that BeautyBook would grow into such a big and diverse community overtime. When I first started the group, I was the only active member.  There were only 5 active members a week.  I knew that as long as I was helping someone, I wanted to keep going.  After 3 months, BeautyBook finally reached a thousand members. Once others saw how fun it can be to be a part of BeautyBook, they started inviting their friends to join, and now BeautyBook has become an amazing beauty community with members from all over the world.  Many members tell me that BeautyBook is the first thing they check in the morning and they can’t get enough of it.  It’s their “go-to” place for anything beauty related.  I love to see that I created something that can help others.

AM: We viewed the newly released application software, what were some of the reasons behind building your mobile app?

Lee: With BeautyBook growing so fast, I wanted to expand it into something more solid with less spam, more functions, and an easier way to interact.  An app opens up far more possibilities for the future.  It took 6 months to develop the application, and I was finally able to launch the mobile app for BeautyBook in December 2015.

AM: What do you feel was one of the hardest challenges you had to overcome as an entrepreneur?

Lee: There weren’t too many challenges when I first started BeautyBook, because it was a hobby of mine to manage it. As BeautyBook grew, it was harder to balance it with a full time job, time with my husband and our two boys.  Eventually I realized I wasn’t able to manage it as effectively as it deserved, so with the help of my supportive husband, I quit my full time Job and focused on BeautyBook. – See the full interview at:

Audrey Magazine – HAERFEST

  • One of the first pieces written for Audrey Magazine.

HAERFEST Will Make You Fall In Love With Backpacks All Over Again – Min A. Lee

Backpacks have a long history stemming from both casual to military use, but as with most accessories, there is always some sort of fashion-focused, mainstream revival. Backpacks generally have most of us reminisce about our early school days or university years of carrying heavy loads of textbooks and papers, but fashion week produced newly inspired designs that work more for style statements rather than practicality. Ultimately, I prefer to find something advantageous to both function and aesthetic, so I revisited the brand Haerfest founded by New Yorkers, Daniel and Tim Joo.

A few years back, I was sitting in a friend’s apartment being introduced to his cousins who, at the time, were in the beginning phases of developing a line of accessories. They graciously shared a little of what they were doing while running back and forth between laptops, working on sketches and what was likely early product development. At the time I wasn’t writing for fashion, but instead science and research so I didn’t think anything about it other than it was amazing to see entrepreneurial spirits at their best. My favorite part of fashion is the beginning, which always starts as a simple idea coated with drive and hope, much like the fields of scientific research. Over the years these two men have produced a luxurious and sleek brand of backpacks, briefcases and small leather goods that outshine the overly sporty styles being carried around.

Their bags are perfect for any environment, and for those women who are enamored with menswear inspirations; carrying around any of their products would even grab the attention of those who prefer more classic, feminine accessories. Created in neutral tones, along with an artful balance of leather and textiles, the most appreciative design feature is their signature single strap construction with a ring and stud system. This provides stability and strength for any degree of handling a wearer may impose on the bag. The use of cowhide leather only adds to the durability, making any of their goods a worthy investment. For those of us who find functionality essential, interior pockets and sleeves offer extra storage and easy access for our personal belongings.

For me, it is wonderful to see the current growth and success of Haerfest since the time I first learned about the brand. My only hope is that their accomplishments and popularity continue to flourish in the fashion industry. – See more plus imagery at:

Images From Audrey Magazine Via Haerfest