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Vancouver Fashion Week Features Indie Asian Designers – Min A. Lee

After sharing with you a bit about Vancouver Fashion Week’s founder Jamal Abdourahman last week, we picked out a few emerging and independent Asian designers featured during Vancouver Fashion Week’s most recent fall 2015 event.  From gothic influences to feminine day dresses, there’s something to inspire and impress any fashion enthusiast.  Get to know a little about each designer below and keep an eye out for them as they continue to build their lines for the coming seasons.

Thinking back on her time spent in Europe, designer Theresa Chen created clean, tailored pieces with elegant shapes.  She refers to her line as “simplicity chic” as she continues to produce clothes that fashion bloggers are picking up on very quickly and falling in love with.  Take a peek at some of her fall collection, and you’ll see why we expect to hear her name come up more often in the near future.


Grandi’s Atelier isn’t about fast fashion, it’s about creating beautifully tailored custom garments for individuals.  Designer Grandy takes her analytical nature and translates it into creating quality pieces fitted perfectly to the wearer.  Even on the runway, her fall 2015 collection looked cut for each individual model versus a mass production meant to fit a general body type.


JY Kim tackles both menswear and womenswear together on the runway.  Keeping to a dark, wintry palette, designs varied between fitted shirts and jackets and flowing skirts.  A minimal theme was kept throughout the entire collection, creating simple silhouettes that would be easy to work into your fall street styles. – See more designers and imagery at:

Images And JY KIM Feature Image Courtesy Of Via VFW & Designers



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