Fashion Writing – SKINGRAFT

Creative Fashion Piece Done For Print Fashion Magazine – Min A. Lee

Story of a girl, story of a boy.

It’s a concrete jungle, a continual roll of nine to five, same people, same offices lining 23rd street and 6th avenue, and that epic flat iron building seen in every commercial across the United States… I was bored; bored of my pencil skirt, the same brown skirt from the department stores on 34th street, bored of my blazer and my plain, stiff cotton button-down blouse that felt like it was choking me, and looking at a sea of non-ending suits.  Damn this 8:55am rush of boredom, but…wait…wait! What is that I see weaving through the crowd ahead?

Spiked prints of high contrast, a butterfly with its elaborate wings, a form of art walking towards me, and confidence that pours forth that those going past seem to step off farther to the side.  Now, this was something to be desired, a step away from boredom—no, a leap, a giant leap away into a new stylistic world with no boundaries, no boring black pumps and no overly ironed workwear.

Dark hues? Yes, but with a structured perplexity done to attract eyes.  This is my chance to break way from my monotonous form, spread a pair of adorned wings, and catalyze my new SKINGRAFT.

Story of a boy.

I would frequent the same hipster bombarded coffee spot walking to work every morning.  By no means am I considered a hipster in any regard, so the question that flows to mind is “why?” Why would I continuously find my steps leading me in the direction of a place I would never stop?  Why would I purposely order this ridiculously slow-drip, artisanal brew even though I have about five minutes to get to my desk before the late points accumulate to a write-up?

For him.

For piercing blue eyes, and a quiet demeanor that would meet me every time from behind the counter.  From his mysterious aura to the outspoken way he dressed when he’d step out for a cigarette break after handing me my cup, and this silly infatuation that made me transition to a complete morning person.  He never asks me name, but I don’t mind.  In my shyness, it is enough to just have those too few minutes waiting for my drink every morning and wishing he wore a name tag.

(Interestingly, based on a friend from my old job!  She should stop being so shy and just ask the guy out!)Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.16.50 AM.png


Audrey Magazine – MBFW Tokyo: Noir FR

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo Recap: Noir FR – Min A. Lee for Audrey Magazine

Ah yes, the dark side of spring. While we enjoy seeing the lighter and bolder color palettes Fashion Week Tokyo has to offer, Noir Fr’s designer, Syota Masuda, refuses to leave the blacks and metallics of fall and winter behind. The namesake of the collection explains why such somber tones are used: Noir Frere is French for brothers of black (the base for the designs). Masuda initially studied to be a fashion buyer, but found himself taking the leap to become a designer and produce garments that he felt the market lacked.

Don’t let the darkness hinder you from adding some black into your spring and summer rotation. For the warm temperatures Noir Fr has dresses of flowing, sheer fabrics with cutouts and skirts to pair with metallic paneled tops. On those inbetween days of seasonal transition, check out the iridescent trench coat of bronze and blue or the long-line, minimalist moto collar jacket. With both a men’s and women’s line, Masuda’s designs tackle all the on-going, evolving trends from pro sport textiles to edgy rocker styles with modified elements befitting to his vision. Below are some of Masuda’s Noir Fr S/S 2015 line from Day Three of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. – See more at:


Images Courtesy Of Audrey Magazine Via MBFW Tokyo