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Wanderlust Style – Min A. Lee

  • SEYCHELLES –For the couple wanting true relaxation, the Seychelles, often referred to as the “Galapagos of the Indian Ocean,” is heaven, with its world famous powdery beaches and crystal ombré waters. Breezy tops and sundresses along with trendy swimwear pieces are ideal for basking in the sun while sipping a delicious cocktail. Ahh, the stress-free life!
  • PARIS –If you’re a pair of sightseers, Paris boasts over 50 museums and monuments, renowned eateries, and of course, is home to one of the major four fashion weeks. In a city where art and fashion are cherished, look to chic, classic finds that will have you looking stylish even among the Parisians.
  • NEW ZEALAND –Are date nights always movie nights for the two of you? Then New Zealand may be the place to go to release your inner geek, exploring Hobbiton and reveling in the picturesque landscapes used to film the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Go ahead — run around pretending to be night elves! Just dress appropriately for the popular walking tours.

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The Idle Man – Going Grey

Article posted up on – How To Style Grey Hair

By Min A. Lee

From red-carpet celebrities to social media influencers; grey haired men, whether dyed or natural, have proven that silver is a stylish alternative to the norm’ when it comes to creative colouring. Check out our complete guide on how to take going grey from old to bold in no time.

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It’s morning, and all is well. A quick look in the mirror, you feel great then suddenly you see it… a grey strand. For those of us with dark hair, that little sprout of contrast is blatant. Is it stress? Is it aging? A combination of both perhaps?

Hard to believe, but your hair is actually white before the proteins in the strands are hit with a dose of melanin. It’s this relationship between keratin and melanocytes that give the colour you see everyday. Genetic factors are the main culprits that cause a reduction in melanocytes, hence that dreaded first sprinkle of grey.

Your DNA maps everything, including where you will see changes begin. Don’t panic. Grey isn’t viewed the same way as it was before, there’s no need to hide it. The colour has been boosted with a new, modern life thanks to celebrities and social media influencers.

Emil and Rasmus V. Albrechtsen of the most followed youtube channel in the hair industry, Slikhaar TV, show us the process of creating silver fox perfection from their own Denmark studio with master colourist Ulises Garcia.

Completely switch up your hairstyle or gracefully streak some smoky tones into growing natural greys. Hair is a great experimental field. The best colourists can take any hue and turn it into a seamless balayage. We definitely suggest having a professional to help you achieve exactly what you want as they will take into account your skin tone and natural hair.

This is important to know whether you should go for warmer or cooler shades. If your hair is quite dark, you’ll have to go through bleaching. This alone could cause a lot of breakage if not done properly. Some will even bleach in stages over time to prevent major damage from happening. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help on maintaining your dye, silver and grey will be trickier.

Once you have the exact shade desired, it is time to consider the cut. The thickness of your hair, your face shape, how much effort you want to put into styling, all these factors are crucial. Fortunately, the Idle Man examined some classic hairstyles that will have you covered.

Read on for more going grey inspirations and maintenance guides for dyed or natural hair. Also, we examine the right wardrobe colours to elevate your silver.

For the full article click here to learn more styling tips, color preservation and shop grooming products at The Idle Man!

The Idle Man – James Bond

Article up on – How To Dress Like James Bond

By Min A. Lee

An in-depth look into 007 reveals a complex protagonist with immaculate style. We examined a selection of Bond films for some of the best lessons in tailored menswear and accessories you’ll ever receive. You’ll be dressing like James Bond in no time!

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While we are obsessed with the current James Bond, Daniel Craig, the iconic style that has become vital to bringing the literary character to life on the silver screen began with three men: Terence Young, Anthony Sinclair and Sean Connery.

TerenceYoung coached Connery into portraying the Bond that would set the bar since his first film Dr. No. Using his own bespoke tailor, Anthony Sinclair, Young felt everything worn by Bond was a huge proponent of the persona.

We asked Remmert van Braam, founder of the popular Bond Lifestyle, from the clothes to personality, what is it about James Bond that attracts men and women:

Bond always knows his stuff, from the wine he drinks to the car he drives, he knows what he wants and wants the best. This is something Bond creator Ian Fleming already put in the novels, naming specific brands and Bond’s sartorial preferences. Usually these are high-end, quality products. It might sound materialistic, but what men and women might admire in Bond is that even though he gets all the best things, he just as easily ruins bespoke suits, handmade shoes, or expensive vehicles and he doesn’t seem to care. Except of course when it’s his beloved Aston Martin DB5 (or his Bentley in the novels).

— Remmert van Braam, Bond Lifestyle

Clean silhouettes, easy shoulders, a slight flare to the jacket and movable fit define the Conduit Street tailor’s aesthetics. The British style embedded by Sinclair still translates across all of the 007 films to this day.

Let’s break down all of Bonds’ main looks, and how to achieve them.

The Tuxedo

Tuxedos appear heavily throughout the Bond movies. It’s important to remember, tuxedos are notably different from suits:

  • Suits can be worn anytime of the day, while formal tuxedos are for evening.
  • Color plays a role; tuxedos are usually black or extremely dark blue. Suits can be lighter shades.
  • Traditionally tuxedos will contain satin: the lapels, buttons, trimming down the trouser legs, while suits don’t.
  • The jacket lapels themselves are different. You won’t see tuxedos with notched lapels.
  • Tuxedos should have a bow tie versus wearing casual neck piece for suits.

Whenever we think of ‘Dr. No’, the first scene that comes to mind is that epic moment when through a cloud of cigarette smoke, Connery introduces himself as, Bond. James Bond. He was wearing a Sinclair designed tuxedo in midnight blue with a Lanvin shirt, these moments were the start of many.

The Grey Suit

Throughout the Connery era, Sinclair’s clean aesthetics were at the forefront. A popular style was his glen check three-piece suit in Goldfinger, featuring narrow lapels, ticket pocket along with the slip of a handkerchief and notched lapel waist coat.

Here’s Roger Moore working a grey, chalk stripe jacket with a peaked lapel. What’s the difference between pinstripes and chalk stripes? The latter is set wider, and sewn at an angle to mimic a tailor’s chalk line.

As time progressed, Brioni dressed Pierce Brosnan in neutral, but with a wider lapel with a higher gorge and no waist coat. The pleated trousers of Sinclair disappeared for slimmer cuts with darting.

Brioni was switched out for Tom Ford by “Quantum Of Solace.” While Craig did wear the Italian brand for one movie, a change in costume designer also influenced the change to Ford. Though there is variation between the designers of Bond’s suits, the fact remains from Sinclair to the more modern take we see now—grey is timeless.


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The Idle Man -12 Best Watches Under £100

Fashion article up on – The 12 Best Watches Under £100 – Min A. Lee


“A symbol of identity and status, watches provide major style flexibility, but can come with hefty price-tags. We rounded up the 12 best men’s watches under £100 to keep you looking sharp.

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Previously The Idle Man brought to you a brief history on men’s watches and finds under £500. Overall, what is it about watches that has survived decades of technological advances?

It comes down to symbolism. Watches are common gifts for major achievements, whether it be a company promotion or a special birthday, think “coming of age.” They have become heirlooms to many, holding special memories as they are passed down through the family tree. It’s rather hard to pass down a tablet or apple watch. Technology doesn’t have the same longevity. Watches cross generational gaps. There’s a huge possibility you’ll treasure the same watch company that your Grandpa did.

No matter how the economy dips, watches retain value. The amount of time and craftsmanship that goes into creating a single mechanical dial pushes this value higher. Take a look at this in-depth video by Hodinkee, founded by watch connoisseur Benjamin Clymer, exploring Seiko manufacturers.

Now let’s take a look at the money aspect. Patek Philippe, need we say more? Who wouldn’t lust for a watch from the famous Swiss manufacturer, but we’re talking 5 figures at the very least. That is to be expected from a design house that has supplied royal families.

Style has gone far beyond dressing head-to-toe high end brands. Fashion moves quickly. This constant change has impacted how we shop. Many find themselves mixing high to low or favouring mid-tier designers.”


View the video and read the entire article containing the best mens watches, more style tips and shop for all your menswear needs at


Composure Magazine Story – Mesh It Up

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