Writing & Design – Chanel Yang

Introduction From An Exclusive Interview With Chanel Yang – Print Magazine – Min A. Lee

When I wake up in the morning my first thought is “must…have…coffee, and why does this brewer take so long!”  Over the past month it changed.  I found myself waking up with more determination and motivation after being inspired by one very young girl, but to me she is quite an amazing woman despite her young years.  Chanel Yang, a children’s fashion model, was diagnosed with Alpha Thalassemia with Constant Springs (a severe form of anemia) at just nine months old.

Chanel’s mother, Zong, shared a bit about the condition: “In the first 2 years after she was diagnosed Chanel received over 24 blood transfusions.  She currently receives regular transfusions every 4-6 weeks and is also undergoing chelation, a 48 hour port IV access process to rid the extra iron that comes from the transfusions.  Because she is taking her treatment well, the Bone Marrow Transplant (the only cure) is put on hold.”

Despite the severe nature of the disorder and the constant hospital trips, Chanel fights for her dreams of a modeling career.  She has a fierce runway walk that is well practiced, graced several magazines and is constantly researching and learning her way around the fashion industry.  Her perseverance, along with the support of her family, friends and fans, definitely is something we can all learn from.

No obstacle should deter us from reaching beyond the stars.  I only hope her story will inspire others to face challenges that arise with the same fervor.  As I watch her continued success, I’m starting to believe any goals considered quixotic aren’t really so, and that everything is achievable.

For more about Chanel Yang visit her at: Facebook.com/chanelNYang & Prettyrockgirlcollection.com

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