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This Is For The Makeup & Skincare Lovers: BeautyBook By Sammie Lee – Min A. Lee

This is for all the makeup and skincare enthusiasts, a crowdsourcing platform with fresh content shared by the minute in a rapidly growing community that is easy to join and follow.  From contouring applications, product hauls with reviews to skincare questions, BeautyBook has brought together thousands of people in a positive and information packed hub.  For founder Sammie Lee, what initially began as a growing interest in cosmetology and freelance hobby has blossomed into a full-time endeavor.

While crowdsourcing platforms aren’t a new trend, popular fashion and street style sites like and Chictopia are the first that come to mind.  That is why we are excited to bring Audrey readers an interview with Lee, and how she has built one of the most interactive beauty groups we have encountered.  From beginning inspirations to the new BeautyBook mobile app, scroll down to read more about her developing entrepreneurship.

Audrey Magazine: When you were first creating BeautyBook, where did you draw inspiration from and did you think it would gain the success it has as a crowdsourcing platform?

Sammie Lee: My inspiration was mainly from all my friends and family.  They always came to me for beauty advice, such as product recommendations, beauty tips, and makeup techniques, so I wanted to create a platform where my friends and family can get together and talk about anything beauty related.  I never thought that BeautyBook would grow into such a big and diverse community overtime. When I first started the group, I was the only active member.  There were only 5 active members a week.  I knew that as long as I was helping someone, I wanted to keep going.  After 3 months, BeautyBook finally reached a thousand members. Once others saw how fun it can be to be a part of BeautyBook, they started inviting their friends to join, and now BeautyBook has become an amazing beauty community with members from all over the world.  Many members tell me that BeautyBook is the first thing they check in the morning and they can’t get enough of it.  It’s their “go-to” place for anything beauty related.  I love to see that I created something that can help others.

AM: We viewed the newly released application software, what were some of the reasons behind building your mobile app?

Lee: With BeautyBook growing so fast, I wanted to expand it into something more solid with less spam, more functions, and an easier way to interact.  An app opens up far more possibilities for the future.  It took 6 months to develop the application, and I was finally able to launch the mobile app for BeautyBook in December 2015.

AM: What do you feel was one of the hardest challenges you had to overcome as an entrepreneur?

Lee: There weren’t too many challenges when I first started BeautyBook, because it was a hobby of mine to manage it. As BeautyBook grew, it was harder to balance it with a full time job, time with my husband and our two boys.  Eventually I realized I wasn’t able to manage it as effectively as it deserved, so with the help of my supportive husband, I quit my full time Job and focused on BeautyBook. – See the full interview at:

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