This Is Me

Current: Features Editor at Composure Magazine, Contributor: Marie Claire Indonesia

A list of 10:

1. I like numbers and equations.
2. I actually only use 1/3 of a walk-in closet, rather than the whole entire thing.  I have hoarding phobia!
3. ALL black everything.
4. My domain name is my Blizzard Gaming Battletag! Yes, I have an addiction to World of Warcraft. It began in college!
5. I have periodic tables shoved in so many folders out of love for chemistry and getting down the basic elements that make us…us.
6. I dream about my best G’s Haitian patties all day long.
7. I spent too much time at Third Floor on 32nd street in NYC.
8. Constantly wonder what I’ll re-incarnate as.
9. I buy toys before I buy clothes. Hahaha.
10. I like to see babies and toddlers, they are as fearless as they are innocent.


All Photos On Work Portfolio Are Courtesy Of Articles Written For Publications, Brands, Designers And/Or Companies Except For Self Drawn Illustrations And Imagery. Past and current work includes:, AUDREY MAGAZINE, THEIDLEMAN.COM (United Kingdom), VALENCE, COMPOSURE MAGAZINE and more. 

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