L’Officiel Indonesia – TWA Hotel x Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020

Jika Anda pernah terbang ke atau keluar dari Bandara John F. Kennedy New York, Anda pasti familiar dengan suasana tempat yang sibuk dan ramai dari kepadatan penumpang. Namun hal ini tidak menghentikan salah satu fashion house elit untuk mentransformasikan Trans World Airlines Flight Center yang baru saja direnovasi menjadi lokasi presentasi Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020 yang tidak terlupakan.

EN: If you ever fly into or out of John F. Kennedy Airport New York, you are certainly familiar with the atmosphere of a busy and bustling place of passenger density. But this has not stopped one of the fashion’s elite to transform newly renovated Trans World Airlines Flight Center to be the location of the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020 presentation.

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Proenza Schouler PS1 Micro – L’Officiel Indonesia

PS1 Micro – Duo Proenza kembali dengan koleksi terbaru PS1 bag, namun kali ini Proenza Schouler menciptakan versi mini dari tas tersebut, yaitu PS1 Micro. Pertama kali dilunsurkan pada tahun 2008, tas PS1 sampai hari ini tetap menjadi desain paling ikonik…

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Kira Kosarin – Composure Magazine






Kira Kosarin may be known for her superhero moves as Phoebe on Nickelodeon’s longest running tv series The Thundermans, but she’s here now to show us the very sincere and human side to her. The series may have said its final goodbye, but it’s the beginning of a new chapter in Kosarin’s career.

Taking on the music scene with her mesmerizing vocals and songwriting abilities, Kosarin’s debut single “Vinyl” was met with deep respect and praise. The song pulls at you, reminds you of past loves, and leaves you wanting to know what music will come next from the new recording artist. We can’t help but be impressed with Kosarin’s ability to transition effortlessly back and forth between two of the toughest industries.

For our 20th issue, Kosarin shares with us more on her journey from a young teen actress to a self-confident woman—no cape, no mask, no disguises.


Composure Magazine: Looking back, what were some of the most valuable lessons you learned while working on Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans?

Kira Kosarin: I learned how big the world is, and how much smaller it feels when you travel the world. I am grateful to Nickelodeon for all the incredible experiences I had while doing international promo for the show.

CM: How does it feel to shed the image of Phoebe and share more of yourself with the world?

KK: It’s a relief to be able to share myself in a more authentic way, even if it does open me up to a lot more criticism. People are very used to a preconceived notion of who I am or rather who I was as a young teen on television.



Amanda Steele – Composure Magazine

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Amanda Steele keeps it very real for our nineteenth issue. While many know her as a YouTube phenom, we see a brilliant, driven young woman who’s had her fair share of struggles. Steele refuses to get lost in the hype of numbers and instead produces content that is loyal to herself and her fans. She never loses sight of what initially put her on the map, and continues to be humbled by those who believed in her from day one. Putting vlogs out in a public space since only Elementary school has given Steele the ability to adjust her career as she grows, but also learn how to take on the pressures that come with. It’s never easy to see others tear down work that took a long time to create, but Steele gives sound advice for anyone facing bullying online and offline.

Sharing a personal look into her life and style has always been at the forefront of Amanda Steele’s empire, but also she continues to pursue acting—strengthening her abilities to take on new roles. With time we expect her to make a substantial mark in Hollywood, and we can’t wait!


Composure Magazine: Building such a prominent career at a young age opens you up to a lot of criticism, how do you combat this negativity, and what have you learned from the challenges of being in the public eye?

Amanda Steele: The negativity was something that was really hard for me as I was growing up while posting my life online. It was really hard to find myself while thousands of people were telling me who I was. I just had to step back and realize that I am doing what I love and indulging in my passions while haters are just spewing negativity from behind a computer screen. Over time I have found that if I had never let any haters get to me, and I continued doing exactly what I was, I would be much farther in my success. The positivity outweighs the negative, and the people that do love my videos—that is who my content is for. I am not going to change what so many of my followers love because some other people out there are taking their personal problems out on the internet. My content is for my loyal followers, and nasty comments aren’t ever going to take that away from them and my own success.

CM: Your success did not come without hard work and sacrifice, was there ever a moment you felt like everything was too much to handle?

AS: Being a YouTuber is a full-time job. At my peak growth and demand, I was also in public high school. Juggling both took a stressful amount of not only time but emotion. I think high school sucks no matter who you are, but on top of school bullies and feelings of loneliness, I had thousands of haters online too. It became very overwhelming for me when I would spend nights crying over mean youtube comments and then waking up and hearing more negativity from my classmates at school. This point in my life was very hard on me, but things started to look up when I began online school and could focus more time on my YouTube channel.

CM: The digital world moves quickly with its constant changes, algorithms, etc.. How do you stay passionate as your work continues to progress?

AS: I stay passionate about my work throughout the constant changes of the digital world by keeping in touch with who I am and why I do what I do. It is easy to get sucked into numbers, growth, and competition, which could honestly lead to a fall. Luckily for me, I started my YouTube channel so young that I know exactly what my passions were. Fashion design is the reason I started YouTube. I have an intense love for beauty and connecting with other people online that like the same things as me. I was never a very social girl. I chose to stay inside on the computer most nights instead of meeting new people and hanging out with friends. This makes me so passionate about the fact that fashion, beauty, and tech are all things I have loved from the beginning. I know to follow my heart, do what I love, WORK HARD, and everything will work out.