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When I first chanced upon Isabella Kim her designs were striking to begin with, but as I watched her work develop over the past four, five years she honed her skills in jewelry making. Her craftsmanship was always solid to begin with, but as style and tastes continue to grow she really created the perfect line for vintage lovers.

Being able to speak with her about her lace bracelets and necklaces was an interesting peek into her life as an artist before she became a jewelry designer. I eagerly await to see how she continues to build her collection with each season.

An excerpt from the article which can also be read here

When Isabella Kim, inspired by both traditional ceramics and modern glamour, experimented with gold glazing pottery in college, her professor at the time was not pleased. But ultimately, this out-of-the-box thinking led Kim into the world of accessories, culminating in Etoile Jewelry, a line of exquisite lace-like jewelry. As foreshadowed by her education abroad, Kim’s approach to jewelry doesn’t rely on following what is popular, but rather her own deep regard for history. “I’m fascinated by Art Nouveau style and art from the Renaissance period. I collect pictures of René Lalique’s jewelry and William Morris’ wallpaper and Alphonse Mucha’s illustrations — clothing decorated with embroidery, lace, ribbons and jewels. It seems that classical antique Renaissance art fits my taste.”

For more beautiful work by Isabella head over to Etoile Jewelry

Audrey Magazine – HAERFEST

  • One of the first pieces written for Audrey Magazine.

HAERFEST Will Make You Fall In Love With Backpacks All Over Again – Min A. Lee

Backpacks have a long history stemming from both casual to military use, but as with most accessories, there is always some sort of fashion-focused, mainstream revival. Backpacks generally have most of us reminisce about our early school days or university years of carrying heavy loads of textbooks and papers, but fashion week produced newly inspired designs that work more for style statements rather than practicality. Ultimately, I prefer to find something advantageous to both function and aesthetic, so I revisited the brand Haerfest founded by New Yorkers, Daniel and Tim Joo.

A few years back, I was sitting in a friend’s apartment being introduced to his cousins who, at the time, were in the beginning phases of developing a line of accessories. They graciously shared a little of what they were doing while running back and forth between laptops, working on sketches and what was likely early product development. At the time I wasn’t writing for fashion, but instead science and research so I didn’t think anything about it other than it was amazing to see entrepreneurial spirits at their best. My favorite part of fashion is the beginning, which always starts as a simple idea coated with drive and hope, much like the fields of scientific research. Over the years these two men have produced a luxurious and sleek brand of backpacks, briefcases and small leather goods that outshine the overly sporty styles being carried around.

Their bags are perfect for any environment, and for those women who are enamored with menswear inspirations; carrying around any of their products would even grab the attention of those who prefer more classic, feminine accessories. Created in neutral tones, along with an artful balance of leather and textiles, the most appreciative design feature is their signature single strap construction with a ring and stud system. This provides stability and strength for any degree of handling a wearer may impose on the bag. The use of cowhide leather only adds to the durability, making any of their goods a worthy investment. For those of us who find functionality essential, interior pockets and sleeves offer extra storage and easy access for our personal belongings.

For me, it is wonderful to see the current growth and success of Haerfest since the time I first learned about the brand. My only hope is that their accomplishments and popularity continue to flourish in the fashion industry. – See more plus imagery at:

Images From Audrey Magazine Via Haerfest