Fashion Blogger Series

This has been an on-going series.  Fashion Bloggers in their and my favorite OOTDs.  I continue doing this series to share some art with bloggers who are looking for fun posts to mix things up on their blog and instagram profiles.  Most likely this series will be a never-ending one due to requests from fabulous and stylish people.  How I make them – Hand drawn, watercolored with both pen and digital, and a lots of love!  Find more on my IG @monochromewings


What happens when I hit a block: start illustrating. SKINGRAFT has the coolest look book of images ever. I’ve never been one for classic fashion designs, I prefer the more out-there and unexpected. LA Based, but definitely with a New York Street feel, I can’t get enough. Drawn with a ball point, ink pen in about five minutes and now the block has removed itself.

Erickson Beamon

Erickson Beamon

Two Page Spread Design by Monochome Wings . Written Piece by Monochome Wings
A Story of Change & Fashion . A Pink Palace
For Mag

There lived a girl who believed only in pink.  With laces, frills and flounces of the delicate shade filling every corner of her castle from the tapestries to her bangles of dyed jade.  Even her cheeks were painted with a soft, rosy blush to match her eccentric need for the color she loved so much.  It would seem this was truly a one-sided infatuation, that no other hue could hope to exist in this girl’s imagination.  But, one day while out for a stroll, she chanced upon a sight that took her aback, a girl with arms full of spikes, metal and jewels that were beautiful yet…black.

How opposite can one color be from the very one that filled her usual dreams, not soft or warm as she would expect, but intriguing, dark and with unspoken desires to be met.  A curiosity took hold as she wandered home that afternoon, wondering how this somber tone could imbed itself so deeply in her emotions…this hue that belongs only to the moon.  Soon a need to find these beautiful cuffs and rings developed, excitement took hold and from pink to black she went.  Without looking back, a girl was reborn; she had a fierce edge, a dark sense of fashion and designs from Erickson Beamon gave her freedom to find a new passion.