The Idle Man – Going Grey

Article posted up on – How To Style Grey Hair

By Min A. Lee

From red-carpet celebrities to social media influencers; grey haired men, whether dyed or natural, have proven that silver is a stylish alternative to the norm’ when it comes to creative colouring. Check out our complete guide on how to take going grey from old to bold in no time.

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It’s morning, and all is well. A quick look in the mirror, you feel great then suddenly you see it… a grey strand. For those of us with dark hair, that little sprout of contrast is blatant. Is it stress? Is it aging? A combination of both perhaps?

Hard to believe, but your hair is actually white before the proteins in the strands are hit with a dose of melanin. It’s this relationship between keratin and melanocytes that give the colour you see everyday. Genetic factors are the main culprits that cause a reduction in melanocytes, hence that dreaded first sprinkle of grey.

Your DNA maps everything, including where you will see changes begin. Don’t panic. Grey isn’t viewed the same way as it was before, there’s no need to hide it. The colour has been boosted with a new, modern life thanks to celebrities and social media influencers.

Emil and Rasmus V. Albrechtsen of the most followed youtube channel in the hair industry, Slikhaar TV, show us the process of creating silver fox perfection from their own Denmark studio with master colourist Ulises Garcia.

Completely switch up your hairstyle or gracefully streak some smoky tones into growing natural greys. Hair is a great experimental field. The best colourists can take any hue and turn it into a seamless balayage. We definitely suggest having a professional to help you achieve exactly what you want as they will take into account your skin tone and natural hair.

This is important to know whether you should go for warmer or cooler shades. If your hair is quite dark, you’ll have to go through bleaching. This alone could cause a lot of breakage if not done properly. Some will even bleach in stages over time to prevent major damage from happening. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help on maintaining your dye, silver and grey will be trickier.

Once you have the exact shade desired, it is time to consider the cut. The thickness of your hair, your face shape, how much effort you want to put into styling, all these factors are crucial. Fortunately, the Idle Man examined some classic hairstyles that will have you covered.

Read on for more going grey inspirations and maintenance guides for dyed or natural hair. Also, we examine the right wardrobe colours to elevate your silver.

For the full article click here to learn more styling tips, color preservation and shop grooming products at The Idle Man!

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