The Idle Man -12 Best Watches Under £100

Fashion article up on – The 12 Best Watches Under £100 – Min A. Lee


“A symbol of identity and status, watches provide major style flexibility, but can come with hefty price-tags. We rounded up the 12 best men’s watches under £100 to keep you looking sharp.

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Previously The Idle Man brought to you a brief history on men’s watches and finds under £500. Overall, what is it about watches that has survived decades of technological advances?

It comes down to symbolism. Watches are common gifts for major achievements, whether it be a company promotion or a special birthday, think “coming of age.” They have become heirlooms to many, holding special memories as they are passed down through the family tree. It’s rather hard to pass down a tablet or apple watch. Technology doesn’t have the same longevity. Watches cross generational gaps. There’s a huge possibility you’ll treasure the same watch company that your Grandpa did.

No matter how the economy dips, watches retain value. The amount of time and craftsmanship that goes into creating a single mechanical dial pushes this value higher. Take a look at this in-depth video by Hodinkee, founded by watch connoisseur Benjamin Clymer, exploring Seiko manufacturers.

Now let’s take a look at the money aspect. Patek Philippe, need we say more? Who wouldn’t lust for a watch from the famous Swiss manufacturer, but we’re talking 5 figures at the very least. That is to be expected from a design house that has supplied royal families.

Style has gone far beyond dressing head-to-toe high end brands. Fashion moves quickly. This constant change has impacted how we shop. Many find themselves mixing high to low or favouring mid-tier designers.”


View the video and read the entire article containing the best mens watches, more style tips and shop for all your menswear needs at


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