Composure Magazine – Surf, Swim, Sun

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Surf, Swim, Sun 

  • As temps keep rising, express your personal style with on-trend swim styles and accessories, ideal for poolside barbecues and beach parties.

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On a side note:

Pairing swim wear with body type can have its challenges, but keep in mind what styles speak to you. Are you more of a retro-vintage fan or a go big and glamorous? Perhaps simple is how you tend to gear your wardrobe.

Regardless for every category you find yourself leaning towards there are suits and sets that will accentuate your beauty or cover those “trouble” areas you prefer not show. Sometimes it is trial and error to find what you personally feel is your best. You might find more than one cut works out great as well. Limiting yourself to wearing one style because swimwear guides say it’s so doesn’t have to happen. I always feel trying everything on and taking what makes you feel your most gorgeous is all that matters.

Most importantly, make sure you always, ALWAYS, protect your skin (our largest organ) from the sun.

If you don’t know where to begin, I definitely suggest checking out Composure Magazine Beauty Editor Anna Park’s stories—Shields Up: Sunscreen Basics and Screen Time. Both which share several worthy products to keep the rays at bay, also directions on getting the best out of your sunscreens.



Audrey Magazine – Lolli Swimwear Founder Vy Nguyen

Adorable Lolli Swimwear + Founder Vy Nguyen’s Swim Style Recommendations – Min A. Lee For Audrey Magazine

When summer hits and the beach is calling, forget packing those plain swim styles you’ve held onto since last summer and opt for something deliciously cute!  Using sugar as a sweet inspiration, founder and designer Vy Nguyen of Lolli has been creating her flirty and fun swimwear line for years and now has a collection for toddlers and babies complete with her signature bows!  Taking into consideration women’s swimsuit woes, she designs a variety of choices fit for multiple body types and even breaks it down for our readers in her interview below.  Easily mixed and matched, we could go on forever about all the things we love when it comes to Lolli, so we decided to catch up with Nguyen herself for a quick peek into swimwear’s most yummy collection for 2015.

Audrey Magazine: During the beginning of your fashion education and career, what made you gravitate towards producing a swimwear line?  

Vy Nguyen: Growing up in California, I’ve always had a love for swim.  You can always use bright fun colors and there really aren’t any rules.

AM: What were your mood board inspirations for your designs this summer?

VN: Mostly ice cream and boardwalk rides.  I LOVE sweets!

AM: We loved the babykinis lookbook.  When did you decide to design a line for little ones?

VN: THANK YOU!!! It was SO much fun!  I have SO many girlfriends with littles and a lot of nieces too.  I think I’ve been making them for a few years now…I really don’t remember when I started.

AM: What swim styles would your recommend for petite, tall or curvier body types?

VN: Petite girls look SUPER cute in smaller swimmies like our bow bottoms, the smaller the better!  For tall girlies, high waisted bottoms look very nice and break up the body a bit.  Lolli has tons of high waist bottoms.  For curvier girls,  I would recommend cut out one pieces like our Palms Swimmie and a good underwire top like our Double Scoop! – See more at:


Images Courtesy Of Audrey Magazine Via Lolli Swim