Fashion Writing – BePop’s Beijaflore Collection

Fashion Articles For California Market Week During Los Angeles Fashion Week – Min A. Lee

BePop’s Beijaflore Collection:

Stunning paintings by Brazilian-born artist Christine Drummond turned into luxurious printed fabrics, unique triple-layered lapels and flattering cuts for every woman out there were just a few of the wonderful things that made us immediately attracted to BePop’s Beijaflore Collection.  Meeting with the Beijaflore representatives as well as Christine Drummond herself, gave us a first hand look at the love that went into each painting and then translated into the beautifully cut designs.  Listening to them share with us their passion for the line makes us remember why we love fashion and how hard designers and artists work to make their dreams a fulfilling reality.  The women behind BePop are Rachel Delahaye, Drummond, and French designer Caroline Denquin.  Flawless tailoring by France’s best and paintings depicting life in Brazil give the collection a worldly feel.

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