Fashion Writing – Tommy Hilfiger

Article Written For Tommy Hilfiger SS 2015 Collection For Print Magazine

Since 1985, Tommy Hilfiger has been building his internationally recognized lifestyle brand into what we know it as today.  Sometimes collections feel very prep-school cool, but then we enter the spring and summer 2015 designs and we’ve got a funky mix of rocker vibes with his always clean lines, which is definitely pushing for notches above cool now.  With some design throwbacks that reminisce more of the 60s and 70s eras of music, Hilfiger goes for something a bit darker, a bit more sharp than before and as what he described his muse for this collection as—”an updated cue from the free-spirited festival gals of today.”

Expert tailoring is never lost on Hilfiger’s work, but we love the deep, darker reds, splashes of black and blue in all its star-spangled glory.  Stars were everywhere during this show, from the famous faces who walked for it to the all over starry prints on several of the designs.  Despite the rather patriotic palette, Hilfiger does find ways to toss in some purple, green and yellow to balance out the other primaries.

Producing striped pattern looks that feel very laid back and just right for a music festival, everything became a mix of how we’ve always viewed Tommy Hilfiger’s clothing and the youthful, free spirited energy of summer festival trends.  Despite somewhat appearing as opposites in a sense, Hilfiger presented them in a very funky and very cool harmony.

If you told us bohemian, music styles could work with preppier, tailored tops and bottoms we would have disagreed, but we just got school by one of America’s most iconic designers.

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